Industry Leading Yacht Maintenance

Yacht maintenance services are at heart of what we do. Our experienced team has the hands-on expertise and knowledge to help boat owners get back to doing what they love – being out on the water spending time with family and friends.

Don’t let yacht maintenance problems keep you from enjoying a day aboard your yacht. Let us keep your boat maintenance up-to-date. Proactive yacht maintenance also helps maintain the value of your investment. We’ll make sure your boat is in top shape from stem to stern, giving you peace of mind every time you step aboard. Our level of care and attention to yacht maintenance services is unrivaled.

Yacht Maintenance with Owners in Mind

Keep your yacht ready for any adventure. Stay on top of your yacht maintenance from checking the sails to servicing the winches and the watermaker. We ensure your boat is ready to set sail this season as well as the seasons ahead with year-round yacht service, preventative yacht maintenance services and care.

Pre-Season Checks and  Haul-Out Management

Regular yacht maintenance increases the safety and reliability of your yacht and reduces the risk of operational failure. Not only that, but regularly scheduled boat services extend the life of your yacht’s mechanical and electrical components and ensure that your vessel’s equipment is running at optimal performance. Regular maintenance helps you avoid costly surprises, allowing you to better manage the expenses of owning a yacht. Not only does this ensure the longevity and performance of your yacht and its equipment, it will also make sure your boat gets a higher market value if you ever decide to sell it.

A Full Suite of Yacht Services

With Explorer Marine Services, you can be confident knowing that your annual pre-season checks, and preparation are done by skilled craftsmen and technicians with years of marine systems experience. We do it all, from a visual inspection of your vessel’s external appearance to yacht electrical servicesengine repair, marine refrigeration repair, and more. 

Yacht Maintenance Customized to Your Individual Needs

We understand that not all yachts or yacht owners will have the same needs. When we first meet you, we’ll get to know you and your boat. Then, we will suggest a yacht maintenance schedule that is right for you. Whether you are looking for year-round yacht maintenance, a full refit, or a periodic yacht inspection, let the expertise of our team guarantee your peace of mind.  Weekly, monthly, annually, or any custom interval that suits your needs, our yacht maintenance services make your yachting experience seamless, easy, and enjoyable.

To schedule or discuss the yacht maintenance needs on your vessel, please call us at (619) 223-2158. Alternatively, you may fill out the form below and we will get back to you!

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