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What does owning a yacht mean to you? Is it the freedom of escape? Time spent relaxing with family and friends? Chasing down a feisty yellowfin tuna off the coast of Catalina? Whatever it means, Explorer Marine Services yacht management can help you realize your dreams.

Experienced and Local Yacht Management

Through decades of great service and customer loyalty, Explorer Marine Services has built a reputation as one of San Diego’s best yacht management companies. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience and expertise, our luxury yacht management company can provide every service you may need and at the highest level of quality to keep your yacht safe and seaworthy. We have the experience and the knowledge needed to assist with any routine maintenance need as well as safety and compliance issues regarding your vessel. We work with the absolute highest standards of communication, keeping yacht owners informed and as involved as they would like, with regular service updates, budgets, and timelines for larger projects.

Luxury Yacht Management

The best yacht management companies are like strategic partners working with owners to deliver real-time solutions to the various challenges of operating a yacht. Our yacht management approach considers the needs of each individual owner as well as their yacht. Each service we offer is tailored to meet the needs and expectations of each yacht owner to alleviate hassle, save them as much time as possible, and to create the very best possible experience for them both on and off their yacht.

As part of our management services we conduct planned maintenance, safety checks, certifications, and compliance. We ensure that your yacht’s certificates are maintained and up to date so you can focus on enjoying your time on your yacht. From vessel restoration to routine maintenance, our focus is on service and integrity. Explorer Marine’s team of certified technicians, master marine craftsmen, and experienced marine specialists is matched only by our outstanding customer service.

Yacht Management Companies are Becoming Essential to Yacht Ownership

With today’s increasingly complex boating and navigation systems and the frequently changing regulatory and compliance policies that boat owners must deal with, yacht management companies are becoming an essential part of yacht ownership. Yacht management includes operational support, technical support, and certification and compliance in addition to a wide range of other services that support both the owner and the crew in running the yacht.

Choosing Which Yacht Management Companies Is Best For You

When choosing which yacht management companies is best for your vessel, you should start by considering a few things. How long has the company been in business? Are their technicians ABYC certified? Do they communicate through a dedicated, single point of contact that has your best interest in mind? We have been providing marine services including luxury yacht management services in San Diego for more than two decades. Our experience encompasses all aspects of yacht management including yacht maintenance, yacht repair, and servicing.

Yacht Management Service Packages

Our yacht management service packages include everything a boat owner might need. Preventative maintenance, cleanings, mechanical and yacht electrical services, fueling, and more.
All these services can be combined into one monthly invoice, eliminating stress, coordination, and hassle. Whatever your luxury yacht management needs may be, our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Protect Your Investment and Lower Your Stress

Yacht management companies help create peace of mind and protect the investment you have made into your yacht. It will also help take away a lot of the stress of yacht ownership. We are happy to take on the day to day needs of your vessel, relieving the headache of running a yacht. We’ll troubleshoot any problems and keep things running smoothly so that you can have the onboard experience you want. It’s what we do!

We are passionate about yachting, and it shows. Our team provides fully customizable management services that eliminate stress, letting boat owners enjoy the yachting lifestyle without all the worry.

Custom Luxury Yacht Management

You have worked hard to earn your time on the water. It’s time to stop spending your time worrying about maintenance and service. Our yacht management is perfect for anyone that would rather be out on the open water enjoying their yacht instead of being stuck on the dock, servicing and maintaining it. Whether you live locally or just moor your yacht in the San Diego region, our seasoned maintenance staff and team of professional technicians are poised to offer the most ideal yacht management plan for your vessel. We’ll take care of all the details, keeping your yacht maintained and inspected, so when you are ready to go, all you must do is step aboard.

Cost-Effective Yacht Management

Explorer Marine Services offers San Diego yacht owners a cost-effective way to ensure that their vessel runs safely and efficiently while keeping their vessel ready for use and fully operational utilizing our affordable monthly vessel inspections.

Ownership of yachts has become increasingly complex. Through attentive, comprehensive services, Explorer Marine will help keep you safe and your vessel reliable. Yacht management services are no longer limited to "mega-yachts" - Explorer Marine makes this an affordable and sensible option for all Yacht owners!

Many of our clients have chosen regular vessel inspections/management in place of full-time captains and crew, eliminating wear and tear as well as the hard cost of maintaining payrolls.

ABYC Certified Marine Technicians

Our marine technicians have first-hand knowledge and are ABYC accredited, keeping your vessel ready for a trip to Catalina or even around the world.

Big or small, we can handle it all. Every member of our team is committed to providing services of exceptional quality.

ABYC Certified Marine Technicians

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