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You rely on freezers and refrigerators to keep you and your perishables cool while at sea or at the dock. When you its time to repair or replace. a unit, Explorer can help.

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Keeping Your Ship’s refrigeration Systems Cool

Your boat freezer or refrigerator are exposed to very demanding conditions from salt-laden air to constant vibrations. Marine fridge repair can help you avoid high-cost repairs. Make sure these essential pieces of equipment are in good working order before you leave the harbor.

We have complete confidence in our team’s ability to provide reliable marine refrigeration repair you can trust. Our ABYC certified service technicians are also EPA certified for refrigerant recovery and experienced with marine fridge repair for all major marine refrigeration brands including Adler Barbour, Dometic, Grunert, Isotherm, Sub Zero, U-line and Vitrifrigo to name a few.

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Additional Marine Refrigeration Information

At the first sign of trouble with your marine appliance, call our expert technicians. We have more than 20 years of experience with yacht and sailboat marine services. Whatever the issue, our team can troubleshoot, diagnose, and fix your boat refrigeration repair problem.

We service everything from mini-fridges and wine coolers to larger boat fridges and freezers. Does the air in your boat fridge not feel cool? Do you suspect you have a refrigerant leak? Is your ice machine not working? Let our boat fridge repair specialists look and diagnose your problem. With quick response times, we’ll have you back up and running in no time! When your boat fridge stops working, there are many reasons why that may be happening. Worn-out relays, open circuits, or a faulty temperature control may be to blame. A seized motor could cause your ice maker to stop working, or it could also be a clogged water inlet valve. The electronic control board could have been damaged by a power surge and may need to be entirely replaced. Or your boat fridge repair needs could be as simple as a broken float switch or a valve replacement. Our marine refrigeration repair services include:

  • Detect and repair leaks
  • Inspect door gaskets
  • Clean and descale condenser coils
  • Change water and air filters
  • Clean the evaporator
  • Check operation of the thermostat
  • Verify box temperatures
  • Recharge refrigerant
  • Fan motor replacement
  • Hose replacement
  • Upgrade control systems

Once we’ve made the boat refrigeration repair, we can also help set up a preventative maintenance schedule to help protect your fridge, freezer, and ice maker units. Benefits of choosing Explorer Marine Services yacht repair in San Diego for your marine fridge repairs and maintenance needs.

Licensed and insured technicians
More than 20 years of industry experience in boat and marine fridge repair
Same-day emergency services
Mobile marine refrigerator repair services
Large inventory of common parts for major brands for faster service

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