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Dive Services

Explorer’s dive crew has over 25 years of experience caring for your vessel’s underwater needs.

San Diego Dive Experts For 25 Years

Providing boat hull cleaning services for over 17 years in San Diego, Explorer has become known as a trusted partner for underwater services. Focusing on dive cleaning, propeller replacement/removal, zinc replacement, and many more services, we are the reliable partner you need to preserve your vessel’s bottom point and avoid unnecessary trips to the yard.

From one-time cleanings to regular service, we can clean small to large vessels in San Diego marina slips. We use a variety of tools and cleaning supplies to match your boat’s needs and comply with local regulations. Our experienced divers use Standard Operation Procedures (S.O.P.’s) to carefully prevent the removal of the boats anti-foulant paint while still effectively removing marine growth.

Featured Diving Services

Hull Cleaning


Thru Hull & Transducer Inspection

Zinc / Anode Replacement

Trim Tab Repair

Environmental Diving Services


Underwater Light Repair

Damage Assessments

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