Yacht Repair & Maintenance Services

Engine Service

We have a team of ABYC Certified technicians ready to service or repair nearly every brand of Yacht Engine.


After a long day in the harbor or out at sea, you should expect your plumbing to all work seamlessly. If it isn't working, allow us to get your plumbing back into ship-shape today.

Electronics & Battery

We service and replace marine batteries. We can also troubleshoot and repair electrical issues. If you are having an electrical or power issue, give us a call today.


We service generators of all kinds and sizes. Keep your power systems in optimal conditin with Explorer Marine Services.


We are able to service and install refrigeration on your vessel. There is nothing worse than not having cool beverages on your voyage.

Dive Services

We have a team of certified Scuba Divers who are able to remove harmful barnacles and debris from the hull - extending the life of your vessel.

Special Services

Do you have a special service or request we can accommodate? We are here to help. We have provided captain services, stocked refrigerators, taken and picked up linens... the list goes on, you name it, we are at your service!

Captain Services

We offer charter services on nearly any vessel. You can have the peace of mind that you will reach your destination at the hands of an experienced captain.

Next Steps...

Call us today to schedule a service. We will handle all your service and maintenance so all you worry about where to sail to next...