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San Diego Hull Cleaning Services

Routine underwater hull cleaning is essential to any saltwater vessel. Hull cleaning removes marine growth such as algae, barnacles, and other organisms. If you ever tried to remove barnacles from your hull yourself, you will understand why most hull cleaning in San Diego is done by a professional. Barnacles are particularly difficult organism to remove because of the secretion it uses to attach itself to your hull. So, you will want you’re your underwater hull cleaning services to be performed by certified divers.

How Often Should I Have My Hull Cleaned?

Keeping the hull of your boat clean from buildup is an ongoing task. San Diego hull cleaning by the professional divers at Explorer Marine Services can help save you time, effort and money. Hull cleanings are recommended at least every month, while a more ideal boat bottom cleaning schedule would be once every two weeks.

Optimize The Performance of Your Vessel

For boat owners in San Diego hull cleaning can really help optimize vessel performance. In order to maintain maximum levels of performance and improve the lifespan of your boat, it is important to remove marine growth with professional boat bottom cleaning services. Diver hull cleaning keeps the surface of your boat bottom smooth so it can reduce drag and save you as much as 40% on fuel costs. Excessive marine growth can also affect the speed and the maneuverability of your boat, with even a light buildup taking up to five knots off your top speed.

Routinely Cleaned Hulls Are Better for The Environment

Just as a cleaner hull will increase your boat’s efficiency, it also reduces your CO2 emissions helping the environment. And just as routine yacht bottom cleaning will improve the longevity of your boat bottom paint job, it will also decrease the amount of toxic chemicals such as copper oxide that could be released into the environment from ablative paint particles that have been loosened by vigorous and aggressive scrubbing.

Protect Your Propeller and Other Underwater Components

Barnacles and other marine growth buildup are not just a problem for the bottom of your boat. They can also become an issue for your propeller causing the need for propeller repair and other components on your vessel that are constantly exposed to the water including running gear and intakes. If suction ports are not kept clear, cooling water is not able to flow freely to the engine and the wear and tear on your pump increases.

Scheduled Hull Cleaning

To help sustain the value and performance of your boat, we provide marine services such as scheduled hull cleaning as part of our yacht maintenance packages. Keeping a vessel’s fuel efficiency in top shape with a boat maintenance plan is one of the most cost-effective decisions a boat owner can make. Coupled with the performance advantages and environmental benefits, routine hull cleaning is an important part of preventative maintenance for your vessel.

Our San Diego hull cleaning does both full cleanings and interim hull cleanings. Our full hull cleaning will include the entire surface of the painted underwater hull, propellers, and propeller shafts. Interim cleanings, on the other hand, will include the cleaning of the propellers and propeller shafts only.

Do you need boat hull cleaning services? Let our team of certified divers perform San Diego hull cleaning to keep your boat clean of marine growth to ensure the longest life for your ablative bottom paint coat. If you are looking for the best hull cleaning San Diego has to offer and want peak performance from your boat while maximizing your time spent out on the water, contact us about scheduling regular preventative maintenance.

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