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Proactive Boat Management Services for Your Peace of Mind

Stop stressing over the complex demands of yacht ownership. Our proactive sailboat management enhances boat ownership by giving you the ability to just step aboard and enjoy being out on the water. You can be confident that you and your vessel are in good hands with one of San Diego’s best boat management companies.

Boat management services are no longer limited to just “mega-yachts”. We offer San Diego yacht owners a cost-effective way to ensure that their vessel runs safely and efficiently. With our affordable monthly boat management services, you can keep your boat ready for use and fully operational all year long. Our sailboat management services can also be customized to fit your specific boating needs. Many of our clients have even chosen sailboat management in lieu of paying for full-time captains and crew.

The Best Boat Management Services in San Diego

When choosing which boat management companies will best fit your needs, you can rely on us for your boat management services. You will feel confident in our team’s ability to provide comprehensive boat management services with unmatched expertise and an emphasis on long-term serviceability and attention to detail.

If we find a problem, we let you know and then we make arrangements for the repairs to be made. Our expert program of boat management services is professionally managed, ensuring that the work we perform is carried out to a highest standard. By keeping your yacht properly maintained and serviced for any needed repairs, your yacht will always be ready for adventure when you are.

Why Choose Explorer Marine Services for Boat Management Services

Even when your yacht isn’t seeing daily use, it is still exposed to the corrosive effects of the ocean, the sun, and extreme weather. Unlike most boat management companies; our marine services handle everything in-house with a team of dedicated specialists and highly trained service professionals. Our boat technicians will make sure you stay up-to-date on with critically important systems checks and regular maintenance. We also take care of yacht inspections to ensure that your boat is compliant with any regulations.

Regular maintenance services included in our routine boat management plans include:

Engine Maintenance

Our engine maintenance includes checking the coolant, power steering fluid, transmission, batteries, checking for leaks, checking belts and hoses, and applying anti-corrosion lubricants.

Generator Maintenance

Our generator maintenance includes checking the coolant, batteries, belts, hoses, inspecting for leaks, strainers and seacocks.

Bilge Maintenance

Bilge maintenance includes checking bilge pumps, the sump system, electrical components, blowers, and the emergency high water pump and alarm.

Other On-board Checks

Other on-board checks may include mooring lines and fenders, doors and hatches, dehumidifiers and other electrical systems equipment.

Safety Checks and Yacht Inspection

Our standard yacht management plan also includes regular visual yacht inspections and safety checks. Boat owners with busy schedules can rest assured, knowing that their yacht is both safe and in compliance with insurance requirements, local ordinances, and federal laws.

Keep Your Yacht in Top Performing Condition with Managed Maintenance Services

Not all boat management companies are the same. Marine Explorer Services has been providing yacht management in San Diego for more than 20 years. We know how much work it is to take proper care of a yacht. We also know how expensive it can become, especially if you neglect a problem. Even the slightest bit of damage to your boat’s propeller can cause big problems from major drops in speed and fuel efficiency to costly repairs or even propeller replacement.

With sailboat management from Marine Explorer, you’ll avoid unpleasant surprises and keep your boat running smoothly and performing at its best.

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